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Choy Division was founded in 2019, and had its first iteration as an urban farm in Astoria, Queens.  The farm moved upstate to the Black Dirt in Orange County in 2020 and is a member of both the Dig Acres Incubator as well as Glynwood's Farm Business Incubator.


We are a half acre diversified vegetable farm, with a focus on growing East Asian heritage crops using regenerative agricultural techniques. This means that our farming decisions are made with soil biodiversity and ecosystem health as a primary factor, not just productivity and profit. Sustainability to us means taking care of the earth, but also ourselves and each other.


Some of the vegetables we grow include gai lan, bok choy, chong gak and daikon radish, bitter melon, Thai basil, chili peppers, chamoe melon, and kabocha squash.  Follow us on Instagram for updates throughout the season!


And lastly, some of you may be wondering where the name comes from (and some of you may have gotten the pun right away!): 


Choy (菜) means vegetable in Chinese 


Legendary English rock band Joy Division


Choy Division


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