Join me on my farming journey and signup for our Asian vegetable and herb (and occasional fruit) CSA!

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a way for consumers (that's you!) to provide economic support to farmers at the start of the season, when farmers incur the majority of their costs. The consumer pays up front for a season's worth of produce that is distributed weekly in a box, or share, that encompasses a variety of what is in season on the farm at that moment.  There is a level of risk sharing involved in a CSA, for example if there is a hail storm and crops are killed or damaged, members will received fewer or lower quality items.  However, when conditions are right and the farm is flourishing, members will receive a larger volume or variety of items.  

By joining a CSA, you provide security for the farm that season, knowing that the produce will be going to a good home right from the day the seeds are planted.  This security extends past economic, for the support of members uplifts the farmer on their hardest days and reminds us that our work is valued. 

Why join?

Our CSA was born in 2020 as a way to provide fresh, locally grown produce to the NYC Asian American diaspora.  The lockdown has stressed our supply chains and the importance of building our local food system has become more crucial than ever.  The pandemic has made many of us reassess the importance of a healthy diet that strengthens our immune systems. 

A healthy diet should not come at the cost of our cultural roots, and our CSA aims to bridge the gap in organic offerings by providing organic vegetables and herbs that our families are most fond of. 

By becoming a member of my CSA, you are supporting a small business and transforming our local food system.  Choy Division is one of a handful of Asian owned and run farms ( < 1% of farms in the US), and among a small but growing contigent of women farmers. Together, we can make sure that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are being heard in our local food and farming scene.

What's in a share?

Some of the things you can expect to see in your boxes include noodle beans, gai lan, husk cherries, kkaenip, Thai basil, scallions, chili peppers, chong gak radish, bok choy, winter squash, and bitter melon as well as a few mainstream  vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, and potatoes that are common parts of the Asian diet.  We promise that you will never find a bunch of kale in your shares!

CSA shares will come in one standard size, with 6-10 items, enough for 2-3 people. Contents will vary throughout the season depending on what is ready for harvest, and will not be customizable, meaning each share will be identical.  

A typical June share might include:

- Fava beans 

- Celtuce

- Baby salad turnips

- Chong gak radish 

- Red shiso

- Cilantro

- Thai basil 

- Baby Shanghai bok choy

- Gai lan

- Choy sum 

A typical September share might include :

- Kkaenip

- Milk Choy/baby white bok choy 

- Purple and green noodle beans

- Japanese eggplant OR Burmese okra

- Bitter melon

- Shishito peppers

- Panther edamame

- Chili pepper mix 

- Baby garlic chives

- Thai basil

A detailed email accompanies each share detailing the items in each share, stories behind them, recipes and preservation ideas, and a snapshot of what is going on on the farm. 

Spicy or Not?:

While boxes only come in one size, members can opt for spicy or mild: Spicy will include a variety of hot peppers in your share every week that they are in season, and mild will be replaced with another item or a larger volume of an existing item.  I love growing and eating chili peppers but recognize that unless you love spicy food, it is harder to embrace into your diet!

How long is the season?

Got a busy summer or autumn lined up where you're out of town frequently? Worry no more, as you can now sign up for a half season 10 week CSA!  


The spring half season CSA runs from June 4th to August 6th.

The fall half season CSA runs from August 13th to October 15th.

Of course, we are still offering our full season CSA that will run from June 4th to October 15th. 

How much does it cost? 

Half season shares are offered at $30/week or $300/share.

Full season shares are offered at $28/week or $560/share. 

We require a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot and remainder of the payment is made in May.  We also offer the option to pay in monthly installments.

Where and when do I pick up?

Brooklyn - Williamsburg

Glaze Teriyaki 

145 N 4th St

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Fridays, 5 - 9 PM


Manhattan - LES

Ho Foods

110 E 7th St

New York, NY 10009  

Fridays, 5 - 9 PM


Queens - Astoria

Bench Flour Bakers 

43-18 25th Ave

Astoria, NY 11103  

Fridays, 3 -6 PM*

*Please note the earlier pick up hours


Chester, Orange County

Chester Agricultural Center

8 Greycourt Ave

Chester, NY 10918

Fridays, TBD


How do I sign up?

You can sign up by completing our membership application and agreement here and sending a deposit of $100.00 either by Venmo, check, or Zelle (payment details in the agreement).  You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of the form and deposit.