Seedling Sale

General Information

We will be hosting our first ever seedling sale this year!  All of our seedlings come in 2" by 2" pots and are grown organically, with the same attention and care as our vegetables.  We have limited quantities of each variety, and it is recommended to pre-order when possible.

When and where can I buy them?

Seedlings will be available starting in May through the Chester Agricultural Center Farm Store and at the Piermont Farmers Market in partnership with our friends at Gilded Farms


We are also hosting an in-person pop up plant and pottery sale with our friend The Potter Park on Saturday, May 1st from 12-3 PM in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY.  Please DM or email us for the address. Social distancing and masks are REQUIRED. 


Online pre-order and contactless pickup are available at all sites.

How much are they?

All seedlings are $3 each and available for pre-order through GrownBy.

What will be available?

Many of the same varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown on the farm will be available for sale.


Thai basil, green shiso, kkaenip, cilantro, garlic chives


Gai lan, bok choy, mustard greens, scallions, napa cabbage, shungiku, mizuna, Chinese celery 


Japanese eggplant, chamoe melon, bitter melon, kabocha squash, winter melon, Korean drying chilies, Thai bird's eye chilies, shishito peppers


Edamame/soybean, red and green noodle bean