Christina is the owner and farmer of Choy Division, which is the culmination of her passions and interests.  As a native New Yorker and second-generation Chinese-American, she often felt torn between being American and being Chinese. Sustainably growing Asian vegetables has been a way of connecting the two halves of herself, of finding her way back home, and of reconnecting with her culture and her family.  For her, farming is about more than putting seeds in the ground, it is about the cultivation of the community around you. After all, food is what connects each and every one of us. She believes that fresh, locally grown food is a right, not a privilege, and strives to make her produce accessible to all communities.


This year she will be apprenticing at Dig Acres with Larry Tse and is currently farming part-time with Rise and Root Farm.  She has worked previously at Stepney City Farm, Randall’s Island Urban Farm, and counts herself incredibly lucky to have mentors in Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm and Dan McManus of Common Hands Farm.

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