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Christina is the owner and farmer of Choy Division, which is the culmination of her passions and interests.  As a native New Yorker and second-generation Chinese-American, she often felt torn between being American and being Chinese. Sustainably growing Asian vegetables has been a way of connecting the two halves of herself, of finding her way back home, and of reconnecting with her culture and her family.  For her, farming is about more than putting seeds in the ground, it is about the cultivation of the community around you. After all, food is what connects each and every one of us. She believes that fresh, locally grown food is a right, not a privilege, and strives to make her produce accessible to all communities.


She has worked at Stepney City Farm,(London, UK),  Randall’s Island Urban Farm, (New York, NY), Rise & Root Farm (Chester, NY) and counts herself incredibly lucky to have mentors in Larry Tse of Dig Acres, Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm, and Dan McManus of Common Hands Farm.

Christina是Choy Division的农场主. Choy Division是她热情和兴趣的结晶。作为土生土长的纽约人、第二代华裔,她时常觉得自己身处中美文化冲突之中。可持续地种植亚洲蔬菜已经成为一种将她体内两种文化联系起来,找到归属感的方式以及与将她的文化和家庭重新联系的一种方式。对她而言,耕种不仅仅是将种子撒在地下,还在于耕种您周围的社区。毕竟,食物是连接我们每个人的要素。她认为,新鲜的当地种植的食物是一种权利,而不是特权,并努力使所有社区都能享用到她的产品。 


她曾在Stepney City Farm (英国伦敦),Randall's Island Urban Farm (纽约州纽约),Rise&Root Farm (纽约州切斯特市)工作,并且她非常幸运有以下导师:Dig Acres的Larry Tse, Namu Farm的Kristyn Leach和Common hands Farm的Dan McManus。



This is Momo, our newest addition to the farm team.  He is a two year old shar-pei pug mix.  Momo has been integral to the success of the farm, ensuring that everyone is out of bed at dawn and he takes initiative on quality control.  

In his spare time, he can be found sniffing out the nearest treat or sunbathing in the clover patch.

Momo是我们农场团队的最新成员。 他是一条一岁的沙皮哈巴狗。 Momo是农场成功不可或缺的一部分,它确保每个人都在黎明时起床并采取主动措施进行质量控制。



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